American Beauty (1999)

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Jane complains to Ricky about her father. Lester introduces himself, the family and the gay neighbors. Carolyn shares gardening tips. Everyone leaves for work and school. (#1, 1-48)

Lester makes a sales call at work, then talks with Brad about the upcoming layoffs at the firm. Lester tells Brad he knows Craig used the company credit card to hire a hooker. At dinner, Lester argues with Carolyn about work, the new neighbors, dinner music and who is the worse parent. Lester is upset because he and Janie don't talk like they used to. (#2, 49-111)

Carolyn psyches herself up and tries to make a house sale, but the customers hate the place. (#3, 112-127)

Jane talks with Angela about her parents. Lester and Carolyn go to watch Jane's dance routine at halftime. While watching the routine, Lester falls hard for Jane's friend Angela. Afterwards Jane's parents tell Jane how proud they are while Lester flirts with Angela to his daughter's embarassment. (#4, 128-161)

Lester feels alive again. Angela tells Jane how she's used to older guys wanting her. Lester calls Angela while Jane is in the shower, but chickens out and hangs up.(#5, 162-183)

Breakfast is interrupted when the gay neighbors welcome the Fitts to the neighborhood. Frank comments how he hates gay people, and Ricky starts to argue but later agrees with his father to avert a conflict. (#6, 184-204)

Angela is at school talking to other girls about a photographer she slept with. Angela tells Jane that Ricky was previously in a mental institution. Angela teases Jane for having a crush on Ricky. Ricky introduces himself to the 2 girls, but Jane tells Ricky he makes her uncomfortable. (#7, 205-235)

Lester and Carolyn attend a real-estate function. Lester doesn't want to be there but is told to act happy. Lester meets Buddy, the real-estate King, who he leaves talking to Carolyn so he can go get drunk. Lester meets Ricky for the first time and they smoke pot outside. Ricky's boss complains that Ricky's not working so Ricky quits. Carolyn flirts with Buddy and they talk about getting together for lunch. (#8, 236-289)

When they get back to the house, Angela is visiting Jane. Angela flirts with Lester. Angela tells Jane she thinks her dad would be hot if he worked out, and tells her what sexual things she wants to do with him. Lester hears this. The girls hear a noise outside and it's Ricky. (#9, 290-316)

Frank wants a urine sample from Ricky. Frank fantasizes about Angela while masturbating and Carolyn notices. This causes an argument. Carolyn threatens divorce but Lester says that could cost her half of everything which ends the argument. (#10, 317-352)

Lester takes up jogging so he looks good naked. Lester goes to Ricky's to buy pot. Here he meets Frank. In Ricky's room they talk about the urine sample, music and G-13 which Lester buys for $2000 an ounce. (#11, 353-397)

Lester is working out when Carolyn gets home. He's also smoking pot so he gets bitched out for being a poor example of a father. Lester calls her a "money grubbing freak" in return. (#12, 398-410)

Brad reads Lester's job justification letter. Lester is getting fired but blackmails Brad for a healthy severence package. Carolyn and Buddy meet up and Buddy tells Carolyn his wife has moved out as they are splitting up. Jane and Angela see Ricky filming a dead bird. Jane leaves Angela to walk home with Ricky. (#13, 411-458)

Lester goes to Mr. Smiley's drive-thru and decides to apply for a job. Lester and the manager talk about whether he would be a good fit or not. Carolyn and Buddy have sex and after talk about firing guns. Jane and Ricky talk about Ricky's house, death and how Ricky once filmed a homeless woman who froze to death. (#14, 459-500)

Ricky takes Jane to meet his mom and then to his dad's private room to see a Nazi plate. Ricky shows Jane the most beautiful thing he has ever filmed. (#15, 501-534)

Lester tells the family how he quit his job and blackmailed his boss. Carolyn is furious that now she's the only one working. Lester says he has a new job. An argument starts. Jane locks herself in her room, but lets her mother in and then they fight as Carolyn thinks Jane is a spoiled brat. (#16, 535-576)

Frank beats up Ricky for breaking into his office. Ricky tells his dad he just did it to show his girlfriend the Nazi plate. Ricky pleads for forgiveness. Frank says Ricky must have respect and discipline. (#17, 577-594)

Carolyn is a natural at the gun range. Carolyn and Lester fight because Lester bought a muscle car without first consulting Carolyn. The two are alone at the house and almost have sex, but Carolyn is concerned Lester might spill beer on her $4000 sofa. (#18, 595-626)

Ricky's filming Jane but she tells him to stop. Ricky tells Jane about why he was put in a mental instution. Jane tells Ricky how her dad embarrasses her the way he drools over Angela. Ricky offers to kill Lester, but not for free. (#19, 627-668)

Today is Lester's last day. Angela will be spending the night at Jane's but hasn't been invited over in a while. Jane and Lester argue because Lester drools over Angela. (#20, 669-686)

After having sex, Carolyn and Buddy go to Mr. Smiley's. Lester greets them at the drive-thru. Buddy tells Carolyn they need to stop seeing each other for a while. Angela is mad at Jane because she wants to know if Ricky has a big dick, but Jane won't talk. Ricky goes over to Lester's to sell him weed, but Frank thinks Ricky is sucking Lester off. (#21, 687-725)

Angela flirts with Lester, noticing he's been working out. Frank accuses Ricky of being a gay prostitute, and Ricky tells his dad he's the best in 3 states. Frank throws Ricky out of the house. Ricky asks Jane if she'll run away with him. Angela thinks they're crazy as they're too young, and Ricky calls Angela "ordinary". (#22, 726-777)

Frank goes over to Lester's and is soaked. Lester tells Frank things that make Frank think Lester is gay. Frank hits on Lester but Lester backs away. Carolyn gets a gun and heads home. (#23, 778-792)

Lester walks in on an upset Angela. Angela tells Lester she was fighting with Jane about him. They ask each other what each one wants, and Lester wants Angela. They almost do it, but Angela tells Lester she's a virgin. (#24, 793-824)

Lester and Angela talk about Jane's life and how she's doing. Angela asks how Lester is doing and excuses herself for a moment. Then comes the gun shot. (#25, 825-839)

Lester talks about the moment he died, what went through his mind and how he felt. And how we probably won't understand any of this now, but someday we will. (#26, 840-858)

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