ATM เออรัก เออเร่อ (2012)

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Jib asks employees relationship questions before singling out Ms. Ning and Mr. Aek. She shows them evidence of their relationship which is against company policy. (#1, 1-57)

Jib and Sua meet to discuss their secret relationship, arguing about things like who made the first move. They talk about bringing fake significant others to work. Sua ends up proposing. (#2, 58-95)

Sua says he was joking about the proposal. They argue about who would quit if they did get married. The boss's son "Yo" introduces himself to the team. He discovers since he's only a trainee, he can date Jib. (#3, 96-150)

The IT guys from the bank are having a hard time with the software upgrade as everything is is Japanese. Pued calls Pad during the football game to tell him the ATM is paying out double. The bank director can't determine who got the extra money, so Jib and the manager must figure things out soon or lose 10 years of bonuses each. (#4, 151-213)

Yo serenades Jib. While playing ping pong with a co-worker, Sua learns Jib is going upcountry with Yo. Sua gets jealous and asks Jib if he can go too. Jib tells Sua about the ATM paying out extra so they make a bet. Whoever retrieves the missing money can keep their job while the other must resign. (#5, 214-265)

Golf and her mom argue as Golf is sneaking out to meet her boyfriend. Sua realizes finding the money will be harder than he thought. Yo walks Jib to her car. Yo likes how Jib is polite, so Jib fakes receiving a call where she swears constantly and talks about getting drunk and throwing up. (#6, 266-310)

Sua ends up in Pad's cab. Pad learns Sua is looking for the people who got extra money from the ATM, so he fakes stalling and leaves Sua in the middle of nowhere. Pad goes to find Pued and Golf, who are being sickly romantic. Pad tells Pued about Sua, and they talk about ways of killing Sua as they've already spent the money. (#7, 311-372)

Jib teases Sua as he's supposed to be interviewing potential suspects but nobody has shown up. Pad and Pued are spying on Sua, but Pad's finger gets stuck in a hole so he can't run away when Sua approaches. Sua confronts Pad about being dumped in the middle of nowhere. (#8,373-409)

Pued tells Sua a dead relative got the extra money. A monk has Pued give the spirit of the dead relative directions home. Sua finds his car has been towed. He needs proof of ownership before he can get the car back. (#9, 410-440)

Sua tries to buy a toy gun, but they're out of stock. Jib has the manager secretly send a fax, but Sua sees. Sua uses redial on the fax machine to find out where Jib is staying. Sua also finds out an ID card was faxed, but doesn't know whose. (#10, 441-496)

Jib confronts Aum about the missing money. Jib talks about the strange way of withdrawing money and notices all the new washing machines. Jib will be back tomorrow to collect the money. (#11, 497-528)

Sua books the room next to Jib. Sua calls Jib and she pretends she's already home. Sua is waiting outside Jib's window and scares her half to death. Sua tells Jib that Aum already gave him the extra money she got, but Jib knows Sua is lying so they argue. (#12, 529-566)

Sua meets Golf and she takes him to see her mom. Aum denies taking any extra money. Pad passes out over his fear of frogs and comes to at the bank. Golf starts falling for Sua. Pued sees Golf and Sua together and Pued is heartbroken. Golf tells Sua that Pued's motorcycle came to him by luck. (#13, 567-632)

Sua has Golf help get a confession from Pued. Jib and the manager use frogs to get a confession from Pad. There's still 20,000 baht missing and they suspect it's the bank manager. The manager withdrew money but didn't get double. (#14, 633-698)

Sua tries scaring Jib, but ends up covered in thumbtacks. Sua says he has no hot water and Jib says she's afraid of ghosts, so they stay in the same room. Sua tries drugging Jib, but they both end up drugged. (#15, 699-744)

Sua buys a toy gun as they're in stock now, but ends up getting arrested. Earlier Sua changed the password on the computer so Jib and the manager try to guess the new password. They finally guess right and Jib tells Sua she's going to a house to get the rest of the money. Sua tells Jib there's a crocodile at the house but she doesn't believe him. (#16, 745-792)

Pad and Pued take Sua to the house with the crocodile. When Sua arrives the owner accidentally shoots the crocodile so they take it to the hospital, but it dies. Everyone confesses and Jib says she'll tell the bank that she couldn't recover any of the money. (#17, 793-856)

Jib turns everyone in anyway and they freak out. So Sua pays the bill for everyone so they don't get sued. He uses the wedding money to do this which causes a fight with Jib and now the wedding is off. (#18, 857-908)

Sua learns that Jib quit so he can keep his job. Jib and Sua talk at the party on what was supposed to be their wedding night. They decide they're still in love and will get married after all. (#19, 909-964)

2 / 15