Bad Genius ฉลาดเกมส์โกง (2017)

3 / 15

Lynn and her father interview with the Headmistress to see if Lynn can get into the school. Lynn thinks her father can't afford the school, but the school really wants Lynn so she's offered a full scholarship. Lynn meets Grace as Lynn's getting her picture taken for her school ID. While Lynn and Grace are studying together Grace realizes how smart Lynn really is. Grace talks Lynn into becoming her tutor. (#1, 1-88)

It's exam time and Grace freezes up. So Lynn writes all the test answers on an eraser and gives it to Grace during the exam. Grace does well, so she and Lynn go celebrate at Pat's house, Grace's rich boyfriend. At the pool party, Pat offers to pay Lynn if she'll help Pat and his friends cheat on exams too. Lynn also learns about an extra fee her father paid to the school that she thought she was attending for free. (#2, 89-165)

Lynn is sad as yesterday was her mom's birthday and she talks with her father about not liking the new school. Lynn teaches Pat and his friends the "piano code" which is how they'll cheat. Lynn and Bank compete and win on the Teen Genius tv show. The Headmistress congratulates Lynn and Bank on winning and informs them of the Singapore scholarship. Bank takes over for his mom at work as the washing machine broke. (#3, 166-257)

Tong is panicked about an exam and offers Bank money to copy from him. Today is test day but there are 2 different tests. Bank tells the teacher that Tong is copying off Lynn. The Headmistress talks with Tong, Lynn and Bank in her office about Tong's possible cheating. As she excuses Lynn and Bank she notices a problem with Lynn's scratch paper. (#4, 258-327)

The Headmistress tells Lynn's father about the evidence of Lynn helping Tong. Lynn can stay but loses her scholarship. Now she's ineligible for the Singapore scholarship too. Lynn and her father argue back at home about Lynn helping others cheat and Lynn's father paying "tea-money" to the school. Pat's parents think Grace is the reason for Pat's recent good grades, and they offer to send her to Boston with Pat so she can continue helping him at university. Grace asks Lynn for help, offering her 600K baht to go to Boston and study with her and Pat. (#5, 328-429)

Lynn comes up with a plan to take the STIC in Australia and send the answers back to Thailand. They will offer the answers to others too to make money. But Lynn can't do this alone as she needs Bank's help. Bank gets beat up and left at a landfill, missing his chance for the Singapore scholarship. Pat pitches to potential customers how he'll help them cheat on the STIC exam and explains all the details. Lynn visits Bank in the hospital and asks if he'll help with the plan to cheat on the STIC. (#6, 430-536)

Pat pitches the cheating scam to Bank. Lynn lies to her dad about going to Australia to compete in another Teen Genius competition. Lynn and Bank practice taking the exam and everyone rehearses what they'll do if they get caught. Bank finds out Pat had him beat up so he'd help out. Bank and Pat have a huge fight over this. Now Bank's out. Lynn didn't know Pat had done this so she's out now too. Grace pleads for Lynn to reconsider. (#7, 537-630)

Bank changes his mind and he and Lynn go to Australia. Bank wants more money, and refuses to send the answers until he's paid. He gets the money. Now there's a delay in receiving additional test answers but nobody knows why. (#8, 631-653)

Lynn's father realizes something's up, and goes to talk to Grace and Pat about Lynn's trip to Australia. It's almost time for the customers to go take their STIC exams in Thaland, but the final answers haven't been sent yet. The customers are panicked. Bank gets caught. Lynn almost does too, but the rest of the answers get sent so all is okay. Lynn's and Bank's scores get cancelled though. Lynn bitches at Grace for throwing a celebration party since Bank was caught. Lynn decides she's not going to Boston with Pat and Grace. (#9, 654-717)

Lynn's father meets Lynn at the airport, wondering where Bank is. Lynn has a confession for her father. Lynn talks with a guidance counselor about wanting to go into education like her father. Bank tries to convince Lynn to help him with a new cheating scam. If she doesn't help he will tell everyone about the STIC scam. Lynn's talking with her father and he's comforting her. Now Bank's asking again if Lynn will help or not. (#10, 718-784)

3 / 15