Bangkok Traffic Love Story รถไฟฟ้า มาหานะเธอ (2009)

4 / 15

After the wedding Lee is drunk and wants to keep partying but her friends all want to go home to be with their husbands. The bride (Ped) takes cares of Lee and they talk of the past before Lee says she will leave the newlyweds alone, but then goes and sleeps in their bed. (#1, 1-36)

Lee wakes up at 4am, and crashes her car on the drive home. Here she meets Loong who takes a look at the damage. At home Lee's mom is mad because Lee didn't answer her phone. Lee's dad takes away Lee's car key so she's not sure how she'll get to work. (#2, 37-65)

Lee takes a taxi to work and forgets a client meeting. The client is sunburned and Lee's in trouble. Lee complains about not having a car. Back at home Lee's mom explains what's happening on a soap opera. (#3, 66-92)

Lee talks to Ped on the phone and hears moaning. It's Lee's little sister Fah and Juen having sex. Lee's father wants to talk to Juen's parents, but Juen calls Loong to sort things out. They talk about what happened and it's decided that Juen and Fah will get married. (#4, 93-141)

Lee falls asleep at work. She's threatened with being transferred to the solar bra department. Ped's quitting to spend more time with her husband. Lee now has nobody to eat lunch with. Lee asks Ped to go shopping, but Ped must meet with a dog breeder. Lee feels alone as all her friends are now married. (#5, 142-172)

Lee asks her mom how she met her dad, and found out that her mom hit on her dad first. Lee didn't think this was proper because of what her mom said 17 years ago. Lee wants those 17 years back! Lee sees Loong on the skytrain. She doesn't want Loong to think she's following him. They end up talking and Lee breaks Loong's sunglasses. (#6, 173-204)

Plern argues with her boyfriend as she caught him with another girl. Now Suthep shows up, and Plern tells Lee she just gave Suthep her number when he came to order stickers. So Lee buys new sunglasses for Loong and writes her phone number on the box. (#7, 205-232)

At a restaurant, Lee's parents try to set her up with an old childhood friend, Archai. Archai dances and looks like "Rain". The family talks about Lee being a virgin and good breeding stock. The 2 families decide to go to China over Songkran, but Lee doesn't want to go. Lee tells Plern Loong hasn't called yet, so Plern will help Lee by being her spy. (#8, 233-289)

Plern and Lee wait for Loong at the DVD shop and he finally arrives. Plern likes Loong so starts hitting on him and gets his phone number. Lee isn't happy. (#9, 290-323)

Mom and grandma are mad at the tv, as a girl on the soap opera stole her sister's boyfriend. Lee finds a new sense of bravery watching the girl fight back. Lee sees Plern working at the DVD rental shop. Lee borrows Plern's phone and calls all her boyfriends and tells them to come to the DVD shop. They all start fighting over Plern. (#10, 324-366)

Loong's laptop has a virus, and Lee wants to get it fixed for him. When arguing about who will fix the computer, the computer gets smashed so now Lee will try to get it fixed for Loong. She takes the computer to Ped's as Ped's husband can fix almost anything that has to do with computers. (#11, 367-388)

Lee goes to Loong's work to tell him the computer can't be fixed. She leaves a note which turns out to be song lyrics. Loong says the computer was old and not to worry. Lee and Loong talk about stars, the planetarium and working during the day versus working at night. (#12, 389-454)

Lee pulls Loong's bag out of the trash and is in heaven. Lee finds negatives in the bag that she takes to get developed. Lee argues with the photo guy for sending pictures of Loong and tv star Kob to the newspaper. Lee asks Loong about his relationship with the tv star. Lee goes to bail out her father who was picked up for drunk driving. (#13, 455-485)

Lee's father talks about getting drunk and why he is so protective of Lee. Lee says she'll go to China over Songkran. Lee asks her father about confessing, and later confesses to Loong that she was the one who developed the negatives. Lee asks Loong if Kob dumped Loong or Loong dumped Kob. Lee and Loong go to the planetarium together. Lee asks Loong if he wants to watch a comet with her. (#14, 487-557)

Loong invites Lee to spend Songkran with him. Now Lee needs to get out of the China trip, so after making up lots of excuses she pretends to lose her passport at the airport. (#15, 558-598)

Lee and Loong head out for Songkran but Lee doesn't want to get too wet. Plern joins them. Lee gets wet and has a horrible time. Loong suggests for everyone to go to his house and they'll decide what to do next from there. Plern tries suggesting places to go, but Lee tells her to back off so Plern leaves Loong and Lee alone. (#16, 599-629)

Loong makes fun of Lee's itinerary. They talk about noodles and then take turns asking each other questions about what they prefer. Loong invites Lee to Family Day at work. (#17, 630-674)

Lee and Loong have fun at family day until Lee learns Loong will be leaving for Germany on a 2 year scholarship. (#18, 675-710)

Lee's depressed and talks with Ped about love and being alone. Lee talks with Loong before his flight. Loong wants to try to make things work, but Lee says if they can't spend time together they're best off being just friends. (#19, 711-743)

Everyone's back from China but didn't like that is was too crowded. Juen brought Lee a box from Loong with items related to the memories they shared. Lee rushes to the airport to tell Loong not to go, but she's too late. (#20, 744-766)

Grandma talks about shopping in China and missing her husband. Years later Lee runs into Loong again on the skytrain. Lee now works nights and Loong now works days. They part and when Lee transfers the skytrain has a power outage. Loong calls Lee and tells her not to worry. Then invites her to celebrate Songkran again. Lee happily accepts. (#21, 767-805)

4 / 15