Countdown เคาท์ดาวน์ (2012)

5 / 15

Bee's family celebrates the countdown in Thailand. Bee checks to see if she's pregnant. Jack creates a fake student ID card, but spells "Business" wrong. Pam is upset Fabio slept with someone else. (#1, 1-29)

Por's painting the room because he's moving back to Thailand. He's stopped using and selling drugs and suggests Jack do the same. Por gives Jack and Bee his drug dealer's business card, but the last digit of the phone number is missing. They talk about which number to try. (#2, 30-88)

Everyone's talking trash while waiting for the dealer to show up. Pam asks Bee to go with her Aunt to make merit in the morning. Jesus the dealer shows up a 9PM sharp. Jesus tells stories. Pam is upset that Fabio was seen with a new girl. (#3, 89-117)

Everyone discusses whether they should try Jesus's free offer. They're not sure they can trust him, and there's doubt about trusting each other because money has recently gone missing. They decide to pay Jesus so he'll go. (#4, 118-140)

There's a knock at the door and Jesus says it's the cops. He flushes his stash, but it's only the pizza guy. People start making fun of Jesus for freaking out. They find out Jesus is not the drug dealer on the business card. Jesus starts scolding Jack for wasting his father's money. Jesus finishes the story of how he got the dog to stop biting. (#5, 141-186)

A big fight starts and everyone's not sure if they should let Jesus die or if they should save him. Jesus threatens to kill Pam's dog if she won't open the door. Jesus asks why prisoners confess their sins before being executed. (#6, 187-214)

Pam confesses to everyone that she stole the rent money. Jack calls his father to tell him he never enrolled in school. Bee finds out Jack and Pam slept together. But Bee's secret is worst of all...(#7, 215-278)

Por shows up and wants to know what happened to Jack's face. Por has a Thai newspaper with info about Bee. Jesus reads headlines and finds the story about Bee who killed 4 in a car crash. But being the daughter of a politician, Bee got off. (#8, 279-318)

Jesus has everyone try to recite the 5 precepts in unison. If they can't, they'll all die. (#9, 319-363)

Bee didn't get shot and pulls a gun on Jesus. They fight. Be pleads to be let go. Bee confesses that the little girl didn't die right away so Bee might have been able to help save her. Bee wants Jesus to kill her. Jesus gives Bee the choice of either killing him or killing herself. (#10, 364-402)

The next morning everyone's still alive. Jack and Pam confess to their parents. Bee buys a plane ticket home. (#11, 403-432)

5 / 15