Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (2001)

6 / 15

The Professors McGonagall and Dumbledore wait for Hagrid to show up with Harry. Infant Harry is delivered to the only family he has left who happen to be Muggles. Fast forward to Dudley's birthday, and Dudley's complaining he got less presents than last year. Then they all head to the zoo where Dudley annoys a snake trying to get it to move. Harry apologizes to the snake and finds out they can communicate. Harry inadvertently makes the glass of the snake cage disappear so the snake escapes and Dudley gets trapped inside. (#1, 1-54)

An owl delivers Harry an entrance letter to attend Hogwarts, but his uncle takes it. So owls keep bringing more and more letters making the family move far away. On Harry's 11th birthday Hagrid comes to visit. He tells Harry about Hogwarts, that Harry's a wizard and that his parents didn't die in a car crash. The family objects about sending Harry to Hogwarts but Hagrid insists. (#2, 55-126)

Hagrid takes Harry shopping for school supplies and everyone seems to know who Harry is. They take a magic entrance to Diagon Alley where Harry and Hagrid stop by Gringotts, the wizard bank. (#3, 127-170)

Harry goes wand shopping and tries out various wands. Harry learns that the wand that chooses him is related to the wand that gave him his scar. Harry questions Hagrid about his scar and who killed his parents and learns about Voldemort. Harry also learns that he was the one person Voldemort couldn't kill, which is why he's famous. (#4, 171-217)

Hagrid takes Harry to the train station and Harry finds out how to get to platform #9 3/4. Harry meets Ron and Hermione for the first time on the ride to Hogwarts. Ron and Harry binge on candy and Hermione uses a spell to fix Harry's glasses. (#5, 218-266)

The students depart the train and take small boats to Hogwarts. Malfoy recognizes Harry and attempts to become friends. But in the process he's mean to Ron so Harry's not interested. The new students attend the Sorting Ceremony where Dumbledore first makes some general saftey announcements and then one by one, each new student wears a talking hat that sorts them into their various houses. (#6, 267-317)

The students feast after the Sorting Ceremony making small talk as spirits fly through the air. The various houses are led to their dorm rooms, while seeing live action paintings and moving staircases. Ron and Harry get lost and are late for their first day of Ms. McGonagall's class. In Snape's potions class, Harry isn't paying attention so Snape makes an example out of him. At mail time, Harry reads an article about someone breaking into the same vault that Hagrid visited earlier. (#7, 318-374)

The students have their first flying lesson. Neville can't control his broom and ends up in the hospital. Malfoy finds Neville's Rememball and threatens to throw it on the roof, but Harry chases after Malfoy on his broom and catches the ball after Malfoy throws it. Harry's catch is witnessed by Professor McGonagall who decides Harry should be the new team seeker. On the way back to the dorm, Harry, Ron and Hermione are going upstairs when the staircase moves. They end up on the 3rd floor where they're not supposed to be. When someone comes they panic. They run and hide in a room that has a giant 3 headed dog guarding a trap door. (#8, 375-443)

On the Quidditch field, Oliver explains all about the game to Harry. Afterwards in the classroom, the students are learning a levitation spell. Hermione tells Ron what he's doing wrong and Ron gets jealous when Hermione does it right and gets praise from the teacher. Later Ron mocks Hermione in front of his friends which she witnesses. Hermione runs and hides crying in the bathroom. A troll is in the dungeon, near Hermione and she doesn't know, so Ron and Harry go to warn her while the rest of the students go to their dorm rooms. The troll finds Hermione, but Ron uses a levitation spell to knock the troll out. The teachers scold Hermione, deducting points, but award points to Ron and Harry. (#9, 444-515)

It's the day of the Quidditch match. At breakfast Harry shares his theory to Ron and Hermione of Snape letting the troll loose to get past the 3 headed dog. Harry gets an anonymous gift, a Nimbus 2000. The match starts okay, but Harry's broom starts acting crazy. Hermione notices Snape casting a spell, so she lights a fire at his feet to break his concentration. With Harry back in the game, he catches the Golden Snitch and wins the game! (#10, 516-555)

Harry, Ron and Hermione tell Hagrid their theory on Snape, but Hagrid says Snape is a good guy. The 3 kids learn the 3 headed dog, Fluffy, is Hagrid's pet that he bought from an Irishman in a pub. Hagrid slips up letting out that someone named Nicholas Flamel is invovled. Ron and Harry play wizard's chess. It's Christmas break, but Ron is staying back at Hogwarts with Harry. On Christmas Day, Harry gets his father's Invisibility Cloak as an anonymous gift. He and Ron use it to go to the library's restricted section to search for info on Nicholas Flamel. They run into professors Snape and Quirrell arguing about something. The Librarian finds Harry's broken lamp and it's still warm, so the teachers know a student has been there. (#11, 556-605)

Harry finds the Mirror of Erised that shows him with his parents. Excited he wakes Ron up to see, but Ron sees something different. Dumbledore explains to Harry that the mirror shows our hearts desire, and is of no real use. So the mirror will be moved and Harry should not waste any more time with it. Harry and Ron are in the library, and Hermione comes in with a book that references Nicholas Flamel. They learn he created the Sorcerer's Stone which can make someone immortal. They figure out that's what Fluffy is guarding, so they tell Hagrid. Hagrid tells the kids not to worry about Snape as he's helping to protect the stone. While talking, a dragon egg hatches. Unfortunatley Malfoy sees so he tells on the others. Points are removed for the 3 kids, and all 4 which includes Malfoy receive detention. (#12, 606-681)

For detention the 4 kids go with Hagrid into the Dark Forest and Malfoy is scared. Hagrid is upset that his new dragon was sent to live in a colony. They find unicorn blood and Hagrid tells the kids that their job is to find the injured unicorn. They split into 2 groups, with Harry and Malfoy coming across Voldemort drinking the blood of a unicorn. Voldemort goes after Harry but the beast Firenze comes to save Harry. Hagrid and the rest of the kids show up, so Firenze goes on his way. (#13, 682-725)

Back at Hogwarts Hermione, Ron and Harry conclude Snape wants the stone for Voldemort so he can live again. Hermione says that Harry is safe as long as Dumbledore is around. Harry talks to Hagrid about who sold him the dragon egg. Harry learns Hagrid told the stranger who sold him the egg how to get past Fluffy. Thinking the stranger was Snape in disguise, Harry, Ron and Hermione run to inform Dumbledore, but he's away on business. The 3 run into Snape who wonders what they're up to. They decide they will go through the trap door that night. (#14, 726-775)

Neville tries to stop the 3 from sneaking out so Hermione zaps him. When they get to the 3 headed dog, it's already asleep as there's music playing. But the music stops and Fluffy wakes up, so the 3 jump through the trap door landing onto a giant Devil's Snare plant. Hermione and Harry relax to get past the plant, but Ron panics so the plant constricts harder. It's only after Hermione casts a sunlight spell that Ron gets released. Next they come across a room filled with flying keys, and Harry needs to catch the right key to unlock the door. (#15, 776-825)

Next the 3 have to play wizard's chess to get across the room. Ron sacrifices himself and gets knocked out so Harry gets the checkmate. Hermione stays to help Ron and contact Dumbledore while Harry goes it alone. (#16, 826-860)

Harry runs into Professor Quirrell looking into the Mirror of Erised. Quirrell is the one after the stone, not Snape. Harry looks into the mirror too and somehow ends up with the Stone in his pocket. Voldemort is here too, living in the same body as Professor Quirrell. Voldemort tries to get Harry to join forces but Harry refuses. So Voldemort tells Quirrell to kill Harry, but when Harry touches Quirrell, Quirrell's skin burns. Harry kills Quirrell this way but Voldemort continues on. (#17, 861-905)

Dumbledore visits Harry, telling him how he got the Stone and how he was able to defeat Professor Quirrell. Harry sees Ron and Hermione are okay. The house cup is awarded. As the students are about to head home, Harry takes a minute to say his goodbyes to Hagrid. (#18, 906-964)

6 / 15