Top Secret วัยรุ่นพันล้าน (2011)

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Top asks the bank officer for a loan. The officer tells Top he's busy, but to tell him something that will make him listen further. While at school, Top plays online video games and makes money selling items from the games. (#1, 1-21)

Top buys a new car with his cash and drives it to school. Top tries bribing a teacher so he won't call Top's parents. Top takes his girlfriend "Lin" to Chinatown for some food. (#2, 22-49)

Top gets bitched out for wasting money on a new car. His parents want to know where the money is coming from. Top goes shopping for a PS2 and tries getting a DVD player from China thrown in for free. (#3, 50-81)

Top only got accepted into a private college. The family debates sending him to a community college first. (#4, 82-103)

Top goes back to the PS2 shop to make a deal on buying 50 DVD players. Turns out they're junk, so Top unsuccessfully tries to get a refund. Top's father gives him a "welcome to the real world" speech. (#5, 104-148)

Top goes back to school. To get tuition money he sells his father's amulet. Top has trouble concentrating on his studies. Top goes to see Lin and complains she doesn't have enough time for him. (#6, 149-190)

Top goes to an expo and sees a chestnut roasting machine. He decides to start selling Chestnuts. (#7, 191-213)

Top gets tips on how to roast chestnuts and then starts roasting his own. During this there are flashbacks from school. The chestnuts taste good, so Top is ready to start selling commercially. (#8, 214-241)

Top rents the last space available at Big C. Top and his uncle decide on their strategy for selling chestnuts and then try selling. (#9, 242-261)

Top goes to the market to check out others' methods of selling. Top questions Lin about why she's working for free. Uncle calls Top and the chestnuts aren't selling. Lin gets mad Top is on the phone and not paying attention to her. Top sees people collection change in front of the restroom and learns the value of location. Top changes location of his stand. Tops phone rings during a test. If he takes the call he'll fail the test. (#10, 262-324)

Chestnuts are selling great and Top talks about expanding the business. Top opens new locations and trains employees. Top's so busy that Lin thinks he's cheating on her. Lin wants Top to go back to school. (#11, 325-357)

Making chestnuts damages the ceiling, so Top has to paint over the damage or close his business. Top needs to paint after working hours. Mom comes to help. Top needs to stop work as it's midnight but he pleads for more time. Mom tells Top the family is moving to China and wants Top to go too. Top wants to know why the family is skipping town. (#12, 358-396)

At the passport office, Top changes his mind and decides to stay behind. Top has to close all his chestnut booths because paint has damaged other booths. Top and Lin go to Chinatown. Lin brought back fried seaweed from Rayong. (#13, 397-430)

Top tried reselling the Rayong seaweed, but it went stale too fast. Top tried to get the seaweed people to do something about it but they wouldn't, so Top decided to fry seaweed himself. Top gets advice on keeping seaweed fresh from a local university. (#14, 431-460)

Top sells his chestnut machines to buy seaweed. Uncle keeps trying to make tasty seaweed but can't get it right. Uncle wants to quit, but Top says not to worry. Uncle collapses and ends up in the hospital so Top frys the seaweed himself. Top goes to the hospital to have Uncle taste it. (#15, 461-493)

Seaweed sales are going great. Mom calls Top to wish him a happy birthday and to tell him to study hard so he can transfer to China. Top asks mom how much debt the family is in. Mom tells him 40 million baht. (#16, 494-526)

Top decides to pitch his product to 7-11. He practices his sales pitch, but never checked in with reception so he misses his meeting. Top decides to wait. Top finally meets with Pu, but there are many things wrong with the product. (#17, 527-576)

Lin and Top fight as Top's not going to go back to school. Top tells Uncle he feels bad about chasing Lin away. Top has his seaweed packaging redesigned. (#18, 577-606)

Top goes to see Pu again, but didn't make an appointment so he waits all day. Finally he leaves his product behind and goes home dejected. People in the office try the seaweed and love it. Pu calls Top to tell him the seaweed now passes inspection. Pu tells Top he needs to get a large amount of product ready to ship. (#19, 607-655)

The loan officer finds out Top is only 19 and Top's parents are in debt, so he won't give Top a loan. Top goes to buy his father's amulet back, but the dealer wants 3 to 4 million baht for it. Top uses one of his dad's buildings to start his factory. (#20, 656-696)

Top worries about failing again. Ton comes out to inspect the seaweed factory. It's not up to code. Top rushes to fix everything wrong. Top starts production because if he waits for final approval the product won't be ready in time. The factory finally passes inspection. (#21, 697-735)

Top's late to the shipping dock, but after begging, the foreman finally lets Top load anyway. Top tells the family they can come back to Thailand now. (#22, 736-765)

15 / 15