The Taste of Money (2012)

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Young-jak works for a crime family. He packs suitcases for the crime family father, Yoon Kyung-sun, with money and helps bribe an offical. Then he sees the crime family's daughter, Nami, who likes him, but doesn't like that he acts formal. Madame Baek has Young-jak call her son, Chul, who is in hiding to tell him the bribe has been paid. (#1, 1-44)

Chul holds a press conference saying a new age is here and that he is against corruption. Robert heads to the grandfather's home to say that if Chul is arrested the deal is off. Chul tells Robert not to worry as everyone has been paid off over the years by his grandfather. There's talk over dinner about the future of the family company. Robert wants first crack at buying it if it's ever for sale. The family has Young-jak install a hidden camera in a bedroom to film Robert having group sex with multiple women. (#2, 45-119)

Yoon tells Young-jak he should be doing real work for the family. Young-jak accidentally sees Yoon screwing around with the maid, Eva. Chul tells Robert about a profitable gold mine, and wants Robert to set up a company and list in on the stock exchange. Chul asks the family for a billion dollars to set up a deal. Grandfather agrees but Nami thinks it's a bad idea. Young-jak tells Eva he'll keep quiet about her affair. Eva talks with Nami about her ex and her children in the Philippines. (#3, 120-180)

Nami starts becoming friendlier with Young-jak. Madame Baek sees Yoon cheating with Eva. Yoon wonders how she found out and asks Young-jak if he said anything which he denies. Eva apologizes to Nami, but Nami's angry at her and her dad. Madame gets even by forcing herself on Young-jak. (#4, 181-235)

Young-jak is disgusted about sleeping with Madame because she's old and tries to resign. Madame tells Young-jak this won't happen again. Madame shows Young-jak her secret room for watching what goes on in the house. Madame bitches out her husband for sleeping with the maid, but Yoon wants to leave everything just to be with Eva. Madame decides Young-jak will take Yoon's place in the company. (#5, 236-293)

Yoon prepares to leave for the Philippines to be with Eva, but the family puts a travel ban on him so he can't go. Nami asks her father why he was with her mother in the first place. Yoon said he was only with Madame for the money. Nami notices Young-jak has changed and wants to know why. Eva sends her kids alone to the Philippines so she can look after Yoon as she's afraid of his wife. (#6, 294-338)

Madame learns that Eva is pregnant. Eva and Yoon snuck out of the hotel and Madame wants them destroyed. Yoon tries to steal cash from the store room but it's all gone. Robert and Chul talk about the results on the locals of their business deal and that they'll sign papers in Geneva. Chul is arrested again at the business deal signing so Nami is ordered back to work for the company. (#7, 339-401)

Grandpa bitches at Madame for not keeping a tighter leash on her husband. The family thugs attacks Eva after church. Young-jak thought they were looking for Yoon. Eva is later found dead, floating in a swimming pool. Young-jak gets paid for his part but doesn't take the money as he liked Eva and feels horrible. (#8, 402-433)

Nami accuses Madame of having something to do with Eva's murder which she denies. The family thugs go after Young-jak, almost suffocating him and forcing him to take the money. Nami and Young-jak talk about how they can't let the family get away with murdering Eva. Nami comes on to Young-jak, but after almost being murdered he promises they'll do it another time. Madame tells Robert that Yoon will fix the problem with Chul and warns him not to pull out of the deal. (#9, 434-476)

Yoon slashes his wrists. While dying, he talls Nami and Young-jak how he lived a wasted life and how bad he feels about what happened to Eva. He bitches out his wife and grandpa too as they walk in. Yoon takes the blame for the charges Chul was arrested for, so Chul is released. Chul tells Nami that Young-jak slept with their mother, so Chul and Young-jak fight. Madame gives the eulogy at Yoon's funeral. (#10, 477-548)

Young-jak tells Madame he's leaving the company. Nami argues with her mother stemming from the fact they both slept with Young-jak. Nami surprises Young-jak on his way to the Philippines and they have sex in the plane's bathroom. In the Philippines Nami and Young-jak take Eva's kids to see their mother's coffin. (#11, 549-618)

14 / 15