Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

13 / 15

Sarah Connor narrates about what went down in the first movie, and how 2 terminators were sent back in time for this movie. The good terminator steals clothes and a motorcycle from a biker. John Connor races around on a motorcycle while his foster parents bitch at him to clean his room. (#1, 1-31)

Dr. Silberman talks about Sarah's "delusions" and we meet Sarah for the first time in the nut house. Here she's shocked and forced to take her meds. The bad terminator (T-1000) visits John's foster parents to see if John's there or if they know where John is. (#2, 32-65)

John and his friend hack a stolen ATM card. John tells his friend how his mom ended up in a mental institution. John's dad comes to Sarah in a dream and warns her John is in danger. Sarah tries faking that she's cured so she can see John. (#3, 66-126)

A new Cyberdyne employee asks Mr. Dyson where the cyborg came from. The answer is "Don't ask." Dyson grabs the cyborg's CPU from the vault. Sarah asks if she can see or call her son, but the Dr. knows she's lying and says no. Sarah freaks out and threatens to kill the Dr. The T-1000 asks around about John and finds out he's at the Galleria playing video games. Both terminators show up there and fight while John gets away. (#4, 127-163)

John meets the good terminator and learns his mom isn't crazy after all. He calls his foster parents, and his mom's being way too nice. The T-1000 is at the house and the foster parents are dead. John learns the T-1000 can take the shape of whatever it touches (within limits). (#5, 164-212)

The cops ask Sarah about surveillance footage of the good terminator, but she's not talking. John tells his terminator about the early days with his mother as she prepared him for leadership. John wants to rescue his mother, but the terminator disagrees at first. As they argue a guy tries to help John and the terminator almost kills him. John learns the terminator will follow his orders so he orders his terminator to help rescue his mom. They better hurry as the T-1000 is already at the hospital. (#6, 213-267)

John and his terminator go to break Sarah out of the hospital while at the same time Sarah begins her own escape. But first, John has his terminator promise not to kill anyone. Sarah and John are reunited during the escape, the 2 terminators fight again before John and Sarah make their escape. Sarah scolds John for helping her as he's too important to take risks like that. (#7, 268-327)

Sarah, John and his terminator patch themselves up in a garage. John learns the terminator is in a "read only" mode so it can't learn, so he decides to reset the terminator. Sarah tries to kill the terminator while it's shut off, but John doesn't let her. (#8, 328-366)

Now that his terminator can learn, John teaches him some fun human phrases and how to smile. Sarah asks the terminator who was responsible for building Skynet and learns the history of Skynet and that Miles Dyson was mainly responsible. It's Sunday at Miles' house and he's working even though he promised his kids he'd take them to the water park. Miles' wife gives him a hard time until he agrees to spend time with the family as promised. (#9, 367-433)

The Connor family travels to the desert to get Sarah's weapons stash. Sarah tells Enrique to get out of town. John tells his terminator about how he grew up around military people and how out of place he felt at regular school. The terminator asks why people cry. Sarah realizes John's terminator is the perfect father figure for John. (#10, 434-492)

Sarah takes off, leaving a message she'll meet up with John tomorrow. John tells the terminator about a passage he made his father memorize in the future about fate and realizes Sarah left to kill Dyson. John wants to stop her because killing is wrong. Sarah attacks Dyson's family at home but can't go through with killing him. John and his terminator show up and show Miles that the terminator is a robot inside, just like the one at his office. (#11, 493-537)

The terminator tells Miles the future, so Miles decides to quit and destroy all his work. Sarah learns Miles' work was based off a chip from the first terminator. So that needs to be destroyed too. They all go to Cyberdyne and Miles tries to get everyone past security. The guard refuses but the terminator insists. An alarm is tripped so the cardkeys don't work and the police are called. (#12, 538-603)

They rig Cyberdyne to blow and get the chip from the vault. The police arrive and have a shootout with John's terminator. They blow up Cyberdyne and escape in a police truck but the T-1000 arrives by helicopter and gives chase. The helicopter crashes into the police truck and the T-1000 takes over a truck carrying liquid nitrogen to continue the chase. The 2 terminators battle with the good terminator losing - for now... (#13, 604-650)

The good terminator comes alive by switching to alternate power. Next is to try to find a way out of the building. The T-1000 catches Sarah and tries to get her to call to John. It then assumes her form and calls to John itself. The 2 terminators fight again, this time with the T-1000 dying in a vat of molten metal. John throws the hand and chip from Cyberdyne into the molten metal vat as well. But now John's terminator must go into the vat to destroy the remaining future technology. John protests, but in the end Sarah lowers the terminator into the vat of molten metal. (#14, 651-693)

13 / 15