The Swimmers ฝากไว้..ในกายเธอ (2014)

12 / 15

Pert beats Tan in an underwater breath holding contest. Pert meets Tan's girlfriend "Ice" for the first time and is smitten. After Ice dies, Pert wins a gold medal swimming and sleeps with Mint. Pert and Mint later fight because Mint uses Pert's computer without asking. (#1, 1-55)

Pert watches the video where he tells Ice he likes her. Pert's mom talks to Pert about car problems. At swim practice, Pert's times still aren't good enough to beat Tan. Tan tells Pert he'll kill the guy that got Ice pregnant and caused her to commit suicide. (#2, 56-97)

Flashback to Ice's birthday. Tan isn't going to show up so they argue over the phone. Tan was supposed to teach Ice to swim, but Pert offers to teach Ice instead. While swimming, Pert tells Ice he loves her, but Ice says she is still with Tan. (#3, 98-141)

Tan breaks into Ice's house during her 100 day memorial. Ice's mom tells Ice's ghost she's lonely and wants Ice to come back home. Mint tells Pert she's pregnant, but she was only joking and this causes a fight. Pert says he doesn't have time for Mint and needs time alone to train. (#4, 142-167)

Coach gives Pert's mom a ride home from the store. At home they talk with Pert about the car, the mess in the kitchen and raw eggs. Pert goes to train and his friends tease him about his weight gain. Tan is at the pool too and tells Pert he took Ice's phone from her house so he can find clues as to who knocked her up. But the phone was broken so Tan took it to get fixed. Pert tries to get the phone before Tan can pick it up. (#5, 168-236)

Flashback to Ice scaring Pert as he's training alone late at night. She tells Pert she just broke up with Tan, but doesn't want Tan to know she's with Pert right now. Tan comes to see Pert too to tell him that Ice has left him. Tan knows Pert has a girl there with him, but doesn't know who. Tan leaves the two of them alone as he goes to get wasted. Pert and Tan have unprotected sex. (#6, 237-280)

Pert's mom is in the hospital getting an ultrasound. Ice finds out she's pregnant. Ice and Pert talk about whether or not to abort the baby. Ice gets the abortion. Pert gets locked in a storage room, and Mint lets him out. (#7, 281-324)

Tan tells Pert he'll be entering the next swim meet. Pert is curious if he's faster than Tan yet. Tan takes Pert to try and beat a confession out of the guy Tan suspects was with Ice. (#8, 325-359)

Pert argues with Mint, afraid she'll tell Tan about his involvement with Ice. The he talks with Mint about getting back together. Tan tries to get into Ice's facebook account. Tan talks with Pert about passwords and wants to know Pert's birthday as Tan now suspects Pert. (#9, 360-392)

Fashback from Ice having cramps to the day of the swim meet where Pert is having stomach cramps. Pert goes to the hospital and thinks he's pregnant, but the doctor says it's just fluid from hep-B. (#10, 393-422)

Tan now knows Pert knocked up Ice. Flashback to when Pert kills Ice. Tan and Pert fight to the death. The news reports about a dead swimmer found at the bottom of the pool. (#11, 423-449)

12 / 15