Suckseed ห่วยขั้นเทพ (2011)

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In singing class, Ped isn't sure what song to sing. Earn tries helping to no avail. Earn sings and everyone loves it. At the playground, Khung tells Ped about the 2 types of songs. Ped is asked if he's available to help. (#1, 1-45)

Ped talks with Earn about music and her family's tape shop. Earn lends Ped a tape with the song she wanted him to sing that morning. He needs to return it before Saturday though as Earn is moving away. (#2, 46-71)

Ped goes to Khung's house to borrow his guitar and song book. Ped calls Earn, but she's asleep so Ped gets scolded by Earn's father. Ped lies saying he's Khung calling, and the next day at school everyone is making fun of the two for being the class's new lovers. Khung and Ped see Earn off at the airport and then Khung heads home to practice guitar. (#3, 72-103)

Ped and Khung are now in high school and a hot new transfer student arrives. It's Earn. Ped and Earn recognize each other immediately, but Earn doesn't remember Khung at first. While they're all talking the bell rings so they'll have to catch up later. (#4, 104-135)

Khung wants to start a band. Ped goes through a list of other phases Khung has gone through before. Khung says this is for real. They scout out X as their new drummer while he's playing basketball. X breaks his arm on the court, but there's no time to wait as an announcement is made about the debut concert for "Khung and Friends". (#5, 136-167)

It's Khung and Friends first rehersal, but there are too many distractions so they don't get much done. Khung and Friends play their first show which doesn't go well. They get teased and school and Khung wants to quit, but then he hears Earn play guitar. Khung argues with another band as he's getting kicked out of the practice room, so Khung says his band will also compete in the big competition. (#6, 168-220)

The photographer talks about how Arena was formed and gives a little info on each member. Earn agrees to join Khung's band and talks about her band in Bangkok. (#7, 221-246)

The practice place is booked, so the band moves to X's father's bakery to practice. Here they discover that for the contest, they have to write a love song. Conversation turns to the various band members to see who should write the song and if any of them have ever been in love. X's father tells about X's infatuation with Som, so Ped thinks X should write the song. (#8, 247-303)

Ped follows X at school to see how he flirts with Som, and he'll use what he observes to write the song. But it turns out X is too afraid to talk with Som so this was a wasted effort. Ped and Earn talk about the word they'd use instead of "love" for the song. Earn gives Ped a bag of tapes with songs that don't use the word "love" and tells Ped that he should write the song. (#9, 304-353)

Khung asks Ped if he likes Earn, which he denies. Then Khung notices the song Ped is writing. After reading some of the lyrics Khung loves the song and he tells Ped he likes Earn. Khung, Ped and Earn are all watching a concert, and Khung tells Ped to get lost afterwards so he can confess his love to Earn. Dejected, Ped leaves immediately. (#10, 354-401)

Khung calls Ped and is in tears. He's on a train to Bangkok and wants Ped and X to come along. Khung and X talk about their failed attempts at getting their girls. (#11, 402-434)

While in Bangkok, the guys check out an all girls school. Then they head to the stadium where the Hotwave finals will be held. Here they interrupt a Bodyslam video shoot and get thrown out. (#12, 435-480)

Khung draws cartoons about the rebirth of the band which is now called Suckseed. Ped sees Earn sitting alone and he apologizes about Khung. Earn says she won't rejoin the band. (#13, 481-507)

Khung and Ped go to the music store to try out guitars and amps. Khung finally buys a bass. While Dem Impact and Dome Thunder are in the bathroom complaining about Kae, Khung dumps a bucket of water on Dem. The guys see Earn is in a new band. Ped talks with Earn about the new band when he goes to return the tapes Earn lent him. (#14, 508-562)

Earn calls Ped after listening to a tape he made back in the 6th grade. Earn ask Ped if he likes her, and Ped says he used to but doesn't anymore. Ped goes to see Earn and sing the song he wrote for her. Ped confesses that he called Earn that night back in the 6th grade and then tells Earn that he likes her. Earn says she likes the song... and Ped too. (#15, 563-593)

Khung asks Ped where he was the previous night. Ped tells Khung he was looking for a place to work on the song as he needs inspiration. Khung says not to worry about it as he has a new idea for a song. Khung wants to write a song about friendship and how women suck. Ped is worried that girls won't like the song, but Khung says it has to be this way. (#16, 594-620)

Khung, Ped and X are all listening to the radio to see if Suckseed made it into the Hotwave contest. As the DJ announces the last band, Khung freaks out and turns off the radio. So the band doesn't know if they made it, but Earn calls and lets them know Suckseed was the final band to get in. The band picks up the pace of their practice schedule. Earn goes to the music shop to pick up EPED, her guitar. She asks Ped if he's heard Arena's new song. (#17, 621-673)

It's the Hotwave battle of the bands and Suckseed will go on right after Arena. When Khung sees Earn on stage, he realizes he still likes her. He tells Ped this but then realizes the song Earn is singing is the song that Ped was writing. He asks Ped if he likes Earn. After Arena's song, the MC's ask who wrote it but nobody's talking. (#18, 674-700)

Now it's Suckseed's turn to perform. Things start okay, but because Khung is mad at Ped he stops playing in the middle of the song and leaves. Khung and Ped argue outside. Ped is mad that Khung is selfish and Khung is mad the Ped never said anything about Earn before when he was asked. Ped and Earn go to a restaurant. Ped tells Earn that he still likes her but they need to break up. (#19, 701-733)

Arena is now famous and playing at the class reunion. Ped talks with Earn and sparks are still there. At the end of the party, Ped starts playing the Suckseed song and Khung and X join him. The movie ends with the band along with Earn playing a show at an organic farming festival. (#20, 734-772)

11 / 15