Pulp Fiction (1994)

10 / 15

Pumpkin and Honey Bunny discuss the risks of various types of robberies. They talk about robbing banks and liquor stores before deciding to rob the restaurant where they're currently dining. (#1, 1-72)

Vincent and Jules talk about Amsterdam and how the US and Europe are different. They're a bit early to start work, so they talk about Mia, her limited acting career in a pilot and how her husband was rumored to throw a guy out of a 4 storey window for giving Mia a foot massage. Vincent is taking Mia out while her husband is away on business, so he's a bit nervous. (#2, 73-176)

Vincent and Jules go to work interrupting Brett and his friends having their hamburger breakfast. Jules eats Brett's Big Kahuna burger while Vince gets Marsellus's briefcase. Everything's there. Jules asks Brett why he betrayed Marsellus and then recites Ezekiel 25:17. (#3, 177-249)

Marsellus tells Butch he's getting old, and needs to throw the big fight in the 5th round. Jules and Vince are here to see Marsellus and return his case. Vince needs to wait though as Marsellus is still with Butch. The guys at the bar give Vince shit about going out with Mia. When Butch is done talking to Marsellus, Vince goes over to talk with him, but not before exchanging a few words with Butch. (#4, 250-302)

Jodi talks about all her piercings. Vince goes into Lance's room to buy heroin and they talk about the different kinds for sale. Lance tries to set Vince up with Trudi, but Vince needs to get to Mia's. Lance and Vince talk about Vince's car that recently got keyed. (#5, 303-358)

Vince goes to pick up Mia. They mainly talk through the intercom. (#6, 359-372)

Vince and Mia go to Jack Rabbit Slim's for dinner. They talk about Amsterdam, Fox Force Five, uncomfortable silences, $5 milkshakes and the wait staff. Then Vince asks Mia about Tony Rocky Horror and the foot massage. (#7, 373-499)

Jack Rabbit Slim's twist contest. (#8, 500-511)

Back at Mia's, Vince gives himself a pep talk so nothing will happen between him and Mia. Mia finds Vince's heroin but thinks it's cocaine and overdoses. (#9, 512-526)

Vince calls Lance to say he's on his way. Lance says to take her someplace else, but Vince says he can't. Mia needs an adrenalin shot which they have to find and then argue about who will give Mia the shot. Mia lives and Vince takes her home. Mia tells Vince the joke from her Fox Force Five pilot. (#10, 527-623)

Captain Loons visits a young Butch and tells Butch about his father and their time together in a POW camp. The captian gives Butch the watch that his father hid in his ass while in prison for 5 years. Adult Butch kills his opponent in the boxing ring. Marsellus is looking for Butch but he's already gone. Marsellus gives the order to kill Butch wherever in the world he might be. (#11, 624-663)

The cab driver recognizes Butch and asks him what it feels like to kill a man. Butch calls Scotty to find out when the bookies he placed bets with will have the money. Butch tells Scotty they'll meet up in a few days in Tennessee. (#12, 664-709)

Butch bribes the cab driver to forget he was her fare. Fabienne talks to Butch about pot bellies. They talk about the fight and being in danger. Then they fight when Butch calls Fabby a retard. They talk about where they are going to run to and practice a little Spanish. (#13, 710-790)

Butch and Fabienne talk about dreams and what they'll have for breakfast. But then Butch realizes Fabienne forgot to get his father's watch. So Butch will risk going to the apartment while Fabienne has breakfast alone. (#14, 791-853)

Butch gets the watch from the apartment and kills Vincent. As he's driving back he and Marsellus see each other. Butch tries to run him over and crashes the car. The two end up fighting in a pawn shop. The pawn shop owner pulls a gun on Butch and Marsellus, cuffs them and takes them downstairs. The owner then calls Zed. (#15, 854-880)

Maynard tells Zed what happened. Zed decides which one they're going to rape first. (#16, 881-903)

Butch gets away, but decides to go back and help Marsellus. He kills Zed with a sword, leaving Maynard for Marsellus to torture. For his help, Marsellus will no longer have Butch killed as long as Butch leaves town and never comes back. (#17, 904-930)

Butch tells Fabienne they need to leave immediately. He tells her the car is gone but they have Zed's chopper. (#18, 931-950)

Flashback to the apartment where Vince and Jules got back Marsellus's briefcase, a guy hiding in the bathroom shoots at Jules and Vincent but misses. Jules says it's a miracle that they're still alive but Vincent isn't convinced. They leave before the cops show up, taking Marvin with them. (#19, 951-974)

Because of the miracle he witnessed, Jules is going to quit his hitman job. While Vince is asking Marvin his opinion of the situation, Vince accidentally shoots Marvin in the face. They have to get the car off the road ASAP, so Jules calls Jimmie to see if he can help. (#20, 975-1006)

Jules and Vincent are at Jimmie's, and Jimmie is panicked. He's afraid his wife will come home from work and divorce him. Jules gets mad at Vincent for getting blood on the towels. Jules praises Jimmie's coffee, but Jimmie wants something done about the dead body before Bonnie gets home. So Jules calls Marsellus, and Marsellus calls The Wolf. (#21, 1007-1071)

The Wolf shows up and starts barking orders about cleaning up the car, which pisses Vincent off. Jimmie's upset too as the bedding they're using was a wedding present. The Wolf gives Jimmie money to buy a new oak bedroom set. Jules bitches at Vincent for being rude to The Wolf, especially since this is Vince's fault to begin with. The car is cleaned, Jules and Vincent wash and change into Jimmie's dorky clothes and then they're off to the junkyard to dispose of the dead body and the car. They meet Raquel who teases them about their outfits. They thank The Wolf and then head out for breakfast. (#22, 1072-1198)

At breakfast Vince and Jules talk about how cool The Wolf was. Jules talks about not eating dirty animals. Then Jules and Vincent go back to arguing about whether or not they witnessed a miracle. Jules says he's going to walk the earth like Caine in Kung Fu, but Vincent tells him he'd just be being a bum if he does that. Jules continues contmplating while Vincent heads to the bathroom. (#23, 1199-1259)

Pumpkin (aka Ringo) and Honey Bunny (aka Yolanda) proceed with the robbery. They collect wallets and have the manager tell everyone to remain calm. Pumpkin tries to get Jules to give up the briefcase, but Jules refuses. They finally get Jules to open the case and then Vincent emerges from the bathroom. All our main characters are pointing guns at each other and now Yolanda just wants to go home. Jules tells them that normally he'd kill their asses, but he's going through a transitional period right now. Jules ends up giving Ringo and Yolanda all his cash and then lets them go. Vincent and Jules head out to give the briefcase back to Marsellus. (#24, 1260-1362)

10 / 15