One Day แฟนเดย์ แฟนกันแค่วันเดียว (2016)

9 / 15

Denchai talks about himself, how nobody notices him or remembers his name. The only time people seem to care about him is when they have computer problems. A cute female ex-classmate invites Den to lunch, but that turns out to be just a sales pitch. (#1, 1-70)

Nui, the new girl in marketing, is having computer problems again. She has a nice conversation with Den and calls him by his name. Den can't believe someone actually remembered his name, so from this point on he becomes Nui's #1 fan. Den daydreams he's on a game show where he proves he's a true fan of Nui. (#2, 71-120)

It turns out Nui is sleeping with her married boss, Top. At the company new year's party, Top tells everyone they're going to Hokkaido for the Snow Festival. At Hokkaido, Nui collects figurines and goes skiing with Top. Top proposes to Nui, saying he will leave his wife. Den makes a wish after ringing the magic bell for one day with Nui as her boyfriend. (#3, 121-180)

Top's wife and son unexpectedly show up in Hokkaido. This screws up Nui's plans with Top. At the buffet Nui and Top learn that Chu, Top's wife, is pregnant again. Top and his family head to Tokyo while the company employees head home. Nui stays behind and seeing that Nui is alone, Den stays behind too. Den follows Nui up the mountain and Nui skis downhill in an attempt to kill herself. Den and the resort employees look for Nui. (#4, 181-225)

Nui wakes up in the hospital with amnesia. Den explains to Nui why she's in Japan. Then Den pretends to be Nui's boyfriend Top to explain why the 2 of them are in Japan together alone. At first Nui's not buying it and tries to find evidence to support Den's claims. Nui even calls her mom, but her mom has never met Top before so she can't describe him. Finally Den tells Nui she has a birthmark below her left breast so Nui finally starts believing. (#5, 226-287)

Den tries playing the boyfriend role, doing many of the things he saw Top and Nui doing together. He over does it though and Nui gets annoyed. Den tries talking Nui into going to the Snow Festival but she can't remember what it is and doesn't want to go. Next Den tries to get Nui to go to a sushi restaurant. Finally Nui insults Den, so he drops the itinerary and wanders across the street, almost getting hit by a car. (#6, 288-333)

Nui feels bad and tries to apologize, but Den says he found the restaurant and acts like nothing happened. They have a few laughs over sushi, and Nui warms up saying she'll go with Den to the Snow Festival. They visit the hot springs. Nui asks Den why he doesn't look her in the eye when they talk. She has him stare at her for one minute in silence to prove he can do it. (#7, 334-372)

Since Den is so shy, Nui wants to know how they got together. Den tells Nui about the day they met and then tells her all the things he did for her in secret. Nui jokingly calls Den a psycho, but then tells him what he did was cute. (#8, 373-410)

Nui finds out it's Den's birthday. The talk about age differences and how Nui wanted to be married before she turned 30. They talk about current events in politics and entertainment. They play a game where Nui asks questions and Den gets hit with a snowball if he answers wrong. Nui notices her phone is working again when Joy calls. Nui goes through pictures on her phone. When she see's Top's picture, Den tells her Top works in IT. (#9, 411-464)

The train isn't running due to a snow storm. Den tries to find another way to go, but Nui says it's too dangerous and they can go another time. But for Den, today is his only chance. They celebrate Den's birthday and Den wishes for the storm to stop. Then Nui gives Den a chance to flirt with her. At first he fails miserably, but then wins Nui over with his Mt. Everest story. The storm lifts so the trains start running again. (#10, 465-535)

Nui and Den find the missing figurine so Nui has the whole set. They attend the Snow Festival and have a great time. Nui wants Den to take a picture together. Nui starts liking Den. At a church, Den proposes to Nui but she turns him down. Back at the room things start getting romantic, but it's too much for Den so he confesses that he's not Top. Nui freaks and throws Den out of the hotel room. (#11, 536-600)

Nui calls Top and figures out Top is married. She finds Den and asks how she became involved with a married man. Den tells Nui that Top said he'd divorce his wife, but when Chu got pregnant that became impossible. Den tells Nui she was so devastated that she tried to kill herself. Den tells Nui about the wish he made at the bell. Nui tells Den what he did was horrible, but at the same time it was a great day for her. They kiss. (#12, 601-662)

Nui sends Top a message that she wants to break up. She records a video saying how much Den loves her and to give him a chance. Den tells Nui it's of no use as he has approached Nui before. Flashback to the New Year's party and Den tells Nui the things he does for her and that he likes her. Nui's scared and hurries away. Nui tells Den it might not be like that and makes him promise to tell her about the video and how much they love each other. (#13, 663-718)

Top calls Nui and says he wants to stay together. Top is concerned about the message Nui sent, but Nui doesn't remember. At the office, Nui tells Joy she didn't go to the Snow Festival. Joy wants a copy of Nui's pictures, so Nui goes to IT to get a cable. IT is hectic as Den has quit without reason. Looking through the photos they notice a video clip. It's Nui at the Snow Festival, but Nui doesn't recall going or who she was with. She starts crying and Top walks in. He promises to take Nui to the Snow Festival next year but she tells him she has alredy been and walks out on him. Den erases the video clip Nui made about him, but leaves the other clip as he wanted Nui to see how happy she was. (#14, 719-773)

9 / 15