May Who เมย์ไหน..ไฟแรงเฟร่อ (2015)

8 / 15

Pong talks about the different groups of students and where they fit into the class heirarchy, and introduces us to the #1 student "Fame". He talks about his crush on Mink and creates a cartoon where he sees her underwear. Unfortunately Pong turns in the notebook which has the cartoon about Mink instead of his Japanese homework. (#1, 1-70)

Mink sees Pong's cartoon of her and is mad. Pong tries to figure out who gave his notebook to Mink. He finds out May-Who did it and confronts her. During the confrontation May shocks Pong, so Pong makes a cartoon about May being "Electroshock-Chick". Pong threatens May again, saying if she doesn't give him the taser she used that he will tell the teachers. May says Pong can tell whoever he wants. (#2, 71-123)

May tells her family that Pong knows about her condition. May explains what is was like growing up with her electrical discharge problem and how she often changed schools. Pong starts to feel bad about the cartoon he made of May and so he collects and burns them. Pong tells may he'll keep her secret so she doesn't have to change schools again. (#3, 124-185)

Fame invites May to join his running team but she refuses for now. Pong goes to see Mink at the school infirmary and gets teased for bringing her liver. Then Mink tells Pong he's disgusting, so Pong goes to see May and tries to get her to electrocute him. May tells Pong that Mink is having problems with the cheer squad so maybe he can do something to help. May also tells Pong that Fame invited her to join his team, so Pong teases May about becoming Mrs. Fame. (#4, 186-233)

May changes her mind and decides to run with Fame's team. But she wants to run last so she doesn't have to pass the baton to anyone. Pong agrees to do the 8th graders' homework so they'll go to cheer practice and make Mink happy. May reads more of Pong's comics about Mink and tells him he should show the rest of his comics to Mink. Pong and May laugh about their drawings and Pong tells May she looks different when she smiles. (#5, 234-317)

The students make a deal with Pong, that they will cheer if Pong does all their homework. While cleaning the classroom, May explains to Pong about the human body's electricity. The "6-pointed stars" catch Shell going through Fame's locker and beat him up. At the track meet it's blue against gold. Gold is winning, but May Who gives up the lead during the hand-off. She ends up winning for the gold team and celebrates in an embrace with Pong in the locker room. (#6, 318-399)

Fame asks May to go running with him, so Pong and May try to figure out a way to keep May from electrocuting Fame. May starts acting insecure about her makeup, her face and looking fat. (#7, 400-435)

Fame picks up May to go running. Pong sends his cartoons to Mink. Fame wants to try May's heart monitor but breaks it. Mink likes Pong's comics and Pong tells Mink he likes her. Mink thanks Pong for everything but tells Pong to stop drawing her. Some guys start teasing Pong for being sad and he talks back to them. (#8, 436-476)

Fame flirts with May on the field. It's just the two of them until Mink arrives with umbrellas. May says she wants to stay so Fame stays behind too. Fame starts to ask May to be his girlfriend when because of the rain, May electrocutes him. Then Pong arrives and goes chasing after May who is in tears. Pong goes to May's house and tries calming her down, but May feels like a freak who is unable to be with anyone. May reads a cartoon that Pong drew about her and Fame which makes her happy. Pong tells May if Fame really cares he will find a way to be with her. Just like her parents and Pong found a way. (#9, 477-532)

Mink leads May to be ambushed by the 6-Pointed Stars, but Pong comes to the rescue. The rescue fails and then Fame comes to help. The Stars learn Mink likes fame so they turn on her for using them. Fame ends up getting hurt and everyone leaves Fame and May alone. May tells Fame about her secret and how they can't be together. Fame tells May if she wins tomorrow, he'll ask her to be his girlfriend. (#10, 533-600)

May tells Pong she accepted Fame's offer. Pong is happy for May and says it's okay, but then changes his mind. Pong runs after May during the final race, and May realizes Pong is the one she likes. The gold team wins, and May tells Fame she wants to go back to the original offer of going out to eat instead of being his girlfriend. Fame says it's okay. Now Pong has to figure out how to be with his Electro-shock chick! (#11, 601-670)

8 / 15